About Us


Manse LLP is a privately owned partnership formed in 2009, between David Mitchell and Palmer Capital.

We specialise in Land Promotion, Development, Investment and Asset Management, of predominantly commercial property, throughout the UK, with specific knowledge of Scotland and the North of England.

Whilst we are very capable of dealing in most sectors of the property sector, we have developed a speciality for brownfield site conversion to residential use. Our project page explains this in more detail. 


Through our partnership with Palmer Capital we have the advantage of access to funds managed by them. This is not the main or necessarily primary source of finance, with many transactions being delivered in joint ventures, with external capital.

Palmer Capital is a private equity real estate investment management company.  Founded in 1992, the company is management owned and manages either directly or via its affiliated companies £800m of AUM.

In the United Kingdom it has two distinct divisions - minority share holdings into property asset and development management companies and the fund management of pooled or segregated property vehicles.

For more information visit www.palmercapital.co.uk